Chief Operations Officer

James Scott Mortimer - Chief Operations Officer

Mr. Mortimer been performing source emissions surveys on domestic as well as international venues since 1984. His experience includes: Air quality training, protocol preparation, job planning, on site project management, air quality sampling, sample recovery, and sample analysis.

He is proficient in all EPA Methods contained in the Code of Federal Regulations Title 40 parts 60, 61, 63, and 51. He has completed projects for various industries including, Hazardous Waste Incinerators, Municipal Waste Incinerators, Medical Waste Incinerators, Oil & Gas Refineries, Semi-conductor Manufacturer Facilities, Cement Kilns, Metal/Non-Metal Mining Operations, and Fiberglass Manufacturing Plants. In 2005 Mr. Mortimer successfully completed the Qualified Stack Testing Individual (QSTI) exam sanctioned by the Source Emission Society (SES).


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