Vice President of Operations

Jake Crowder - Vice President of OperationsMr. Crowder has been providing source emission surveys since 2001. He has successfully completed numerous projects in the United States, Canada, and central Africa. Mr. Crowder is fully knowledgeable in the sampling, recovery, and data reduction for EPA test methods set forth in the Code of Federal Regulation Title 40 Parts 60, 61, 63 and 51.

Since 2003 Mr. Crowder has been collecting and analyzing FT-IR spectra for organic and inorganic compounds. He is also familiar with the collection and interpretation for gas chromatography. Mr. Crowder has taken part in research studies for various industries including ethanol producing facilities, oil and gas operations, power generating facilities, and clay and brick kiln plants, to maximize control devices and process equipment efficiencies utilizing dual FT-IR's and wet chemistry methodologies.


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