Submit a Request For Proposal/Quote (RFP/RFQ)

To begin the necessary steps for preparing your stack testing project please submit a RFP/RFQ that is available on this website or call us toll free at 800-545-5711 to speak with one of our project managers. WEST will submit a written proposal within 72 hours for your review. In order to accept WEST as your project contractor please sign and send the “Authorization to Proceed” page that is attached at the end the proposal. A representative of WEST will then contact you for scheduling.

Electrical Requirements

WEST understands that availability of electrical power is different at each facility. For this reason WEST has constructed our fleet in such a manner that we may adapt to any environment. It is recommended that three separate circuits of 110 volt power or one 480 volt circuit be located within 100 feet of the base of the source. Gas-powered generators are available if electrical power is limited.

Stack Testing Port Locations

Most stack testing projects warrant two (2), three to four inch diameter testing ports at ninety degrees on each source. The physical location of the ports on the perpendicular plane of the gas flow are determined by the upstream and downstream distances to flow disturbances along the duct. The testing ports must be placed a minimum of 2 stack diameters downstream of any obstruction (i.e. bends, change in diameter) and a minimum of ½ stack diameters upstream of the exit or other obstruction.

Access Requirements

Platforms or scaffolding are the best access to port locations. However, on locations that do not allow for either, testing may be performed from boom lifts. All of our technicians are trained in the operation of boom lifts. In any case, stack samplers must be able to access the port locations for an extended amount of time. In most cases testers must remain at the port location throughout the duration of each test.

WEST will provide monorails that extend perpendicularly from the source. Monorails are used to suspend testing equipment and probes at the port location and are fitted with slides that are used to position the testing probes at various points within the stack. WEST requests a 24-inch long piece of 2-inch angle iron welded or bolted to the stack approximately 18-inches above each test port. The angle iron will need 5/8-inch holes at each end for monorail attachment.

Please reference the Monorail Bracket Design link at the right side of this page for a design schematic.