Ohio Lumex RA-915+ / RP-M-324 Sorbent Trap Mercury AnalyzerMercury Sampling and Analysis

Western Environmental Services and Testing owns and operates an Ohio Lumex RA-915+ / RP-M-324 Sorbent Trap Mercury Analyzer.  Our qualified mercury technicians have extensive experience in the thermal analysis of sorbent traps.  These technicians are trained and are certified by Ohio Lumex in the “Thermal Analysis of Sorbent Traps for Mercury using the Ohio Lumex RA-915+ / RP-M-324 Sorbent Trap Mercury Analyzer”.

WESTs expert mercury sample acquisition capabilities are supported by state of the art sampling equipment supplied by Apex Instruments.  WESTs sampling equipment inventory offers our clients the ability to simultaneously sample across several process locations yielding valuable information concerning the process, as well as, the performance of the mercury control system.

WESTs personnel and equipment offers a team second to none in measuring mercury concentrations and emission rates.  This team has successfully completed mercury projects for various industries including;

  • Coal Fired Power Plants (RATAs, Method 30B, Performance Specification 12A)
  • Mining Facilities (Method 30B, Mercury Control System Efficiency)
  • Phosphate Plants (ICR Required, Speciated Mercury Identification)
  • Oil and Gas Industry (Gas Constituent Characterization).