Founder / Project Manager

James Meador - Founder and Project ManagerMr. Meador has been providing environmental consulting since 1977. He has managed more than 4,500 source emissions tests throughout the United States and Internationally, providing emission evaluations for  private and governmental agencies. 

Chief Technical Officer

Alan Roylance - Chief Technical Officer

Mr. Roylance has provided environmental source testing and ambient air monitoring since 1983. 
His experience includes operation, maintenance, troubleshooting, supervision, and reporting of test results, on various systems.   He is proficient in all EPA Methods set forth in the Code of Federal Regulation (CFR)

Chief Financial Officer

Sandy Slaymaker Chief Financial OfficerMrs. Slaymaker has been Office Manager since 1999. Her experience includes: making travel arrangements for our field teams; handling employee drug and alcohol policies and tests; setting up safety training; invoicing customers for jobs completed, making bank deposits and reconciliation of bank statements, and preparing financial reports.

Chief Operations Officer

James Scott Mortimer - Chief Operations Officer

Mr. Mortimer been performing source emissions surveys on domestic as well as international venues since 1984. His experience includes: Air quality training, protocol preparation, job planning, on site project management, air quality sampling, sample recovery, and sample analysis.

Vice President of Operations

Jake Crowder - Vice President of OperationsMr. Crowder has been providing source emission surveys since 2001. He has successfully completed numerous projects in the United States, Canada, and central Africa. Mr. Crowder is fully knowledgeable in the sampling, recovery, and data reduction for EPA test methods set forth in the Code of Federal Regulation Title 40 Parts 60, 61, 63 and 51.

Project Manager

Mark Cordell - Project ManagerIn 1998 Mr. Cordell brought his extensive technical background in the Energy field to WEST. He is extremely proficient in the setup, sampling, and recovery protocols set forth in the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) 40 Parts, 60 and 51.

Project Manager

altMr. Burchett has been providing quality emissions testing since 2010.  He is proficient in the preparation, sampling, and recovery of all test methods published in 40 CFR Parts 51 and 60.  Mr. Burchett has successfully managed many testing campaigns throughout the United States while with WEST.

Project Manager

thumb_terry-may-project-managerMr. May has been providing environmental testing since 2000. He has participated in numerous source emission surveys across the United States. Mr. May is proficient in test protocol preparation, sampling, recovery, and data reduction for the EPA reference methods contained in CFR Title 40, Parts 60 and 51.



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